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Reasonable Rates

Basic Rental 4 hour minimum $900
Security Deposit, reserves your event date $350
Additional Setup/Breakdown time $50/hour
Additional Rental time after initial 4 hours $150/hour
Security Officer, 4 hour minimum $220
sample rental contract Sample Rental Contract
information sheet Information sheet
see rate details below

Basic Rental

The Basic Rental Rate covers a four (4) hour minimum for the event, until midnight. The Basic Rental rate includes Bartenders and Hall Clean-up along with tables and chairs. It allows up to two (2) hours earlier in the day for setup and arranging table decorations, caterer preparation, etc. It also allows one (1) hour maximum after the event for band/DJ and other removal. The Hall will be open one (1) hour prior to the scheduled event for hall event workers only.

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit reserves the agreed event date and time and protects the lessor (KC Hall). This amount is refunded to the lessee the week following the event.

Additional Setup/Breakdown Time

Additional time is available should you require additional setup or breakdown time.

Additional Rental Time

Additional Rental Time is available after the initial four (4) hours and must be approved prior to the event

Security Officer

A Security Officer is available to protect personnel and facility, four (4) hours minimum
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